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November 29, 2021

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter
Monday, Nov. 29th, 2021
Principal’s Message

We’re back at it for the next three weeks and then we get an even bigger break from school than we experienced last week. In the meantime we’ve got basketball games to play, band and choir concerts to attend, all sorts of holiday dress up days, and several students to honor for their writing on the Patriot’s Pen papers. And about those Patriot’s Pen papers. Our Danforth history teachers encourage all of their students to submit a paper to our local VFW. The VFW chooses the topic to write on and the VFW then judges the papers that are submitted to them. The students with the top three papers receive money ($300, $200, $100) from the VFW and also get to attend the VFW awards ceremony. The VFW also awards money to the next several winners (they get $50 each). Of course the money is nice but the recognition for a well written paper is wonderful as well. Thank you VFW for all you do (and have done) for our students and this country.

Congratulations to this year’s winners.
1. Jordin Donaldson
2. Owen Steed
3. Kate Carson
$50 went to Skylar Herring, Olivia Hendon, Kamryn Sheehan, Josh Marks, Sophia Veriato, & Emma Lewis.

It’s about time for our holiday dress up days here at Danforth. Traditionally our staff and our students have gone all out on these days. If your child wants to participate, here is the schedule.

Thursday, Dec. 2 – Red
Friday, Dec. 3 – Socks
Monday, Dec. 6 – White and Blue
Tuesday, Dec. 7 – Reindeer
Wednesday, Dec. 8 – Jingle Bells
Thursday, Dec. 9 – Santa Hats
Friday, Dec. 10 – Snowman
Monday, Dec. 13 – Green
Tuesday, Dec. 14 – Ugly Sweater
Wednesday, Dec. 15 – Candy Cane
Thursday, Dec. 16 – Christmas T-Shirts
Friday, Dec. 17 – All the Christmas Apparel you can wear

It’s always a fun filled 3 weeks till the Christmas Break.
Thanks for taking a look at the Newsletter.

Greg Howard, Principal

In the next few days
Monday, Nov. 29th – Boys Basketball vs. Boerne North
8th grade is HOME, 7th grade is AWAY – B games start at 5 pm: A games follow
Thursday, Dec. 2nd – Girls Basketball vs. Boerne North
8th grade is HOME**; 7th grade is AWAY – B games start at 5 pm: A games follow
**Note – This Thursday the A game at home begins at 5 and then the B game follows

More detailed info about other Danforth activities
From Melodie Schleder, Texan Posse Group
This message is for 6th students and families. Join the Texan Posse and receive a Lil’ Texan Posse T-shirt! High Five the high school players on the court as they come out at game time! Free entry to home games for each member of the Texan Posse if you wear your t-shirt to the game. Only $35 for 6 home games beginning in January. For more info please email or call 512-557-2094

From Meagan Williamson, Yearbook Advisor Last day to buy yearbook at $35 with free name is Tuesday 11/30. They’re $40 beginning 12/1. Buy them here: Is a WJH yearbook not in your budget because of financial reasons this year? Fill out this form to request a scholarship book: Email me if you’re not sure if you’ve bought one. I can check the list instead of ordering duplicates.

From Erin Sivils, Student Attendance Why is it helpful to turn in official medical notes after absences due to illness or medical appointments? The Texas Education Agency allows us to code absences for medical visits in a way that does not count against the student for the 90% rule. TEA requires students to be in class 90% of the time a class is offered in order to receive credit for that class. When a student turns in an official note from a medical professional, I either code the absence as D-DN or X-DN. D-DN is the code for attending school part of the day and attending a medical appointment part of the day. We are able to receive funding that day. X-DN is the code for missing an entire day of school that is excused by a medical professional. We do not receive funding for full day absences. Please note that I am only able to use these attendance codes for days included on the note from the doctor. If a student is absent additional days, I would need a parent note to excuse those days. Days excused by a parent note would count in the total for the 90% rule. If a student is out several days due to the same illness, you may want to check with the doctor to see if they will excuse all of the days. Thank you.