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November 1, 2021

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter
Monday, Nov. 1st, 2021
Principal’s Message

Thank you for encouraging participation in our dress up days last week. It was so much fun seeing the amount of effort students put into their ideas for the theme each day. My favorite was Thursday’s “future self” outfits. I saw veterinarians, doctors, nurses, teachers, coaches, lawyers and professional athletes to just name a few. Our staff seemed to focus a lot on the retired teacher theme. Clearly the meat and potatoes of school are academics but activities like we had last week remind us how much fun it is to add some fun seasoning to the recipe.

In the past we would have just wrapped up a week where we shared information with students about the dangers of alcohol or drug abuse. Depending on how a school delivers that message, it might be negative and gloomy. I know our past Red Ribbon week activities have been good but I enjoyed the focus on good character and smart choices for a bright future. Of course we still want our students to know that the adults at the Jr. High continue to encourage them to make healthy choices when in it comes to any substance. We’ll also help them to make good decisions about anything associated with their future.

The great news is that the vast majority of you reading this are encouraging these same things on a daily basis for your children. It’s not a one-week or one-month focus; it’s a life-style that you model for your family.

Thank you for being a part of makes Wimberley schools so good.
And thanks for taking a look at the Newsletter.

Greg Howard, Principal


What an accomplishment for 8th grade Volleyball A team! They just completed an undefeated season, winning both district regular season championship as well as a district tourney championship.
Well done Lady Texans!!!

Congratulations to our 7th grade Football A team for playing an undefeated season! Keep an eye on these group of boys, this is just the beginning of their path as WISD Texan football players. Well done Texans!!!

In the next few days
Basketball starts Thursday, Nov. 11th

More detailed info about other Danforth activities
From Meagan Williamson, Yearbook Advisor OVER HALF of the yearbooks have been sold! Buy yours at We don't want a student to not get a yearbook because they can't afford it. We understand that money can be tight and a junior high yearbook might be an extra expense that you can't budget for at this time. If you would like to be considered for a FREE yearbook because of financial hardships, please fill out this form. Only the Danforth yearbook teacher, Mrs. Williamson, will see the applications. All info is confidential. Form Link:

From PTO
It’s always a pleasure to host luncheons at Danforth. The theme was Ravens and we served soups, salads, BBQ potatoes and some yummy desserts. What a wonderful way to show our appreciation for our teachers and staff. Thank you parents for all your contributions to make this a successful luncheon.