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October 18, 2021

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter
Monday, Oct. 18th, 2021
Principal’s Message

The info I’m sharing in this space today (Oct. 18th) is about activities that won’t take place till next week (Oct. 25-29). So why now? I hope when you see the dress up days we’ve got planned for our students you’ll be on board with encouraging this little bit of fun for their outfits next week. The dress-up days are part of what we are doing to address Senate Bill 123. The Texas legislature’s passing of 123 requires schools to highlight positive character traits and personal skills during the school year. We know many of our students are already developing these traits and skills thanks to your help (Thank You). We hope everyone will have a little fun with these days NEXT WEEK.

Oct. 25th (Monday) – CAP or HAT DAY – Wear your best Thinking Cap (or favorite hat of any kind)
Oct. 26th (Tuesday) – TWIN DAY - Show your support for your friends and dress alike!
Oct. 27th (Wednesday) – TIE DYE - Wear your best Tie Dye and show off your UNIQUE style!
Oct. 28th (Thursday) – DRESS FOR THE FUTURE – Dress as your future-self and show off your goals!
Oct. 29th (Friday) – RED, WHITE & NAVY – Show that Texan Pride just like your neighbors!

In related news, we’re honoring a large group of 8th grade students this Tuesday evening with their induction into the National Junior Honor Society. The students who have been invited to join this organization have worked hard for this academic honor AND they display the same character traits we want all of our students to display. Some of you reading this were probably a part of this exclusive organization back in Jr. High and High School and you know it’s pretty special. Congratulations students, parents, guardians and grandparents.

Finally, many of you know we’ve already changed the rules for home football games. You received info from the school district several weeks back regarding children sitting with their parents as well as restrictions on taking any type of game ball inside the stadium. We also need to mention that anyone entering the stadium must stay in the stadium. There is no back and forth to the parking lot. The stadium rules are – if you leave you can’t come back in. We’ve got a two more home games for Jr. High and we’ve got two more Friday nights that it will be important to remember these rules. Thanks.

Thanks for taking a look at the Newsletter.
Greg Howard, Principal

In the next few days
Tuesday, Oct. 19th – NJHS Induction for 8th graders who earned an invitation – 6 pm
Thursday, Oct. 21st - Volleyball vs. Fredericksburg – 8th grade AWAY; 7th grade HERE – B game at 5 then A Football vs. Navarro – 8th grade HOME; 7th grade AWAY – B game at 4:30 then A

More detailed info about other Danforth activities

From Yllisia Allen, PTO President
PTO is hosting our fall teacher and staff luncheon, October 29th. Everyone looks forward to these luncheons and we enjoy providing to show them how much we appreciate all they do. In the past we typically requested that parents provide home cooked items. Instead this year we would like to ask for monetary donations so we may provide Soups/Salads/Spuds from local restaurants. Please use this link for instructions on how to make contributions:
If you have any questions, please contact us:
Follow us on Facebook to help stay informed, reminders, event/activities info and recaps, and faculty recognition days:

From Teresa Gill & Nicole Royal, NJHS

The NJHS induction ceremony will be held Tuesday, October 19 at 6:00 PM at Danforth. Students who received acceptance letters should arrive at 5:45 and meet in the cafeteria. Family members and friends attending the ceremony will be seated in the gym. We are looking forward to this year with our new NJHS members!

From Meagan Williamson, Yearbook Advisor

40% of the books have already been sold! We are setting records this year! Best deal of the year is right now: $35 for a YEARBOOK with a free name stamp. The price goes up to $40 and $5 name stamps and icons after November 30th. Buy online here:

From Erin Sivils, Attendance Clerk
One of the sections in the Texas Education Code that drives our attendance policies is Sec. 25.095. This section deals with truancy. As a district, we are required to send a letter to notify a parent when a student has been absent without excuse three days (or parts of days) within a 4-week period. This is why one of our district attendance policies requires parents to send a written note within 3 days of the absence explaining the reason for being out. It is a requirement even if the absence will ultimately be unexcused. When absences have no reason or are unreported, I (the attendance clerk) am required to send home attendance letters requesting the proper information. That letter is one of the truancy prevention measures the state says we must take. Another reason the three day policy is important is because I am unable to change the attendance code later. All of these are Texas Education Agency policies we must follow. For more information click on the links below or you can always call me at 512-847-2181 ext. 5264.

By email you can reach me