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September 13, 2021

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter
Monday, Sept. 13th, 2021

Principal’s Message
According to an app on my phone it was 62 degrees one morning last week. Maybe it was even cooler where you were. If you didn’t know what the exact temperature was…..the cool air sure felt nice.
And 62 may not mean fall is officially here but the typical activities we associate with this time of year are everywhere around us. We’re playing Football and Volleyball and running Cross Country. The Band is getting ready for competitions and Choir and One-Act Play are preparing as well. Academic tests in classrooms are challenging our students. There are student friendships being forged in the cafeteria and in various groups that may only last a day of two or might just last a lifetime.

62 was nice…..but you know there’s more good temps on the way……and more good for these students.

Have a great week.
Thanks for taking a look at the Newsletter.
Greg Howard, Principal

In the next few days
Thursday, Sept. 16th – Volleyball vs. Medina Valley – 8th grade HOME; 7th grade AWAY – B game at 5 then A Football vs. Fredericksburg – 8th & 7th are both at Fred; B games at 4:30 then A
Friday, Sept. 17th – Cross Country at Barton Jr. High at Hays – after school

More detailed info about other Danforth activities

From Alicia Rennels, Garden Club
Come and join us as we plant seeds and grow friendships!
What? Danforth Jr. High Unified Garden Club
Who? Open to all students as a unified, student-led, after school program/club.
When? Club will meet after school on at least two Thursdays a month. Students will meet occasionally during Texan Time and during some science classes.
Where? RM 110, Danforth garden and outdoor areas, and Scudder Farms
Cost? Free for all students. We will hold occasional fundraisers as needed to support the needs of the club.
Sponsors? Alicia Rennels, John Griffis, Jessica Williams
If you child is interested in joining, please have them fill out the Google Form:

From Yllisia Allen, PTO President

If you have any interest in joining our PTO or have any questions, contact us at

From Carrie Campbell, Wimberley Rotary Club Representative
The Rotary Club is once again sponsoring Danforth Jr. High’s “Rotary Loves Readers Contest”. Any student can submit an entry and have the chance to win 1st place ($100) or 2nd place ($50). This month’s contest asks the question, “What elements make a book a perfect read for a vacation?” Entries are due to or at the Danforth library by the end of the school day on September 30th.