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August 23, 2021 Newsletter

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter
Monday, Aug. 23rd, 2021

Principal’s Message
Plate Spinning
The Ed Sullivan Show was a weekly variety show on television in the 50s, 60s and ending in 1971. Ed Sullivan had a wide range of acts including Elvis, The Beatles and a guy that ran around frantically trying to keep a bunch of plates spinning in the air at the same time. Plate Spinning? That talent is equal to Elvis and The Beatles? Well…….hear me out.

2021 parenting (and life in general) is just plain hard. Those of you reading this have so many things going on in your life all at once and it is just overwhelming at times. And in spite of everything you have personally going on, you are also juggling every detail of one, two, three or however many children. It is exhausting and you are doing your very best to keep track of every appointment, practice, game, email, text, and on and on. So now we start another school year and our wonderful students (on a lesser scale) are going to try their very best to keep track of everything they need to, just like their parents and guardians. It’s just mind boggling what all of us are trying to do to be successful in 2021.

Here’s the good news. In Wimberley, and at this school, we try to work together to make all of this as good as it can be for our kids. Some students and their families will want some help juggling all of this while other students and families will be fairly happy going it alone. Either way, our staff wants a partnership with you
because together, we can make this the best year possible for these students we all care about so much.

Elvis was spectacular and the Beatles were amazing but could they really match how adept the families in the Wimberley valley and beyond are at keeping so many obligations, activities, and schedules straight? The only guy that could match what you’re doing is some guy you’ll find on YouTube when you type in “Plate Spinning on the Ed Sullivan Show”.

The Dance
Well that was fun……and loud…..and slightly out of control……..and a huge success. Thank you to the PTO for the weeks and weeks of planning followed up with an evening that was pretty special for a lot of students. And I do mean a lot. There were 469 tickets sold (we have 640 students enrolled at Danforth JH). Helping us here at the school with everything was a large group of adult volunteers taking tickets, chaperoning, working the concession stand, taking pictures and just generally watching out for the safety of our students. It wasn’t perfect and we had a couple of mishaps (I’m looking at you smoke machine) but we got through an evening of fun that students (and their parents) will remember for a long time. Thank you to everyone.

Ok – so here we go with the first five day week of the school year. We got this!

Thanks for taking a look at the Newsletter.

Greg Howard, Principal

In the next few days
Thursday, Aug. 26th – Volleyball vs. Boerne Voss – 8th grade HERE; 7th grade at Voss – B game at 5 then A

More detailed info about other Danforth activities
From Yllisia Allen, PTO President What a way to jump start the school year with a successful school dance. Check out our Facebook group page for photos:

Thanks for everyone’s help. The dance wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers who signed up and the contributions made. Tickets and concession sales brought in a little over $4,000 and that will be used to help our wonderful teachers and school. All of this time and energy and money raised supports our students’ education. If you have any interest in joining our PTO or have any questions, contact us at

If you have any interest in joining our PTO or have any questions, contact us at

From Krystal Chappell, Lil Posse Organizer "Lil' Texan Posse is BACK!! Please use the link/QR code provided to find all information and register your child by Wednesday, August 25, 2021!"


From Erin Sivils, Attendance Secretary
Welcome!! I’m Erin Sivils and I’m the Attendance Secretary here at Danforth. My email is and phone is 512-847-2181 ext. 5264. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! Here are some quick reminders about attendance to start our year off right because students are most successful when they are here!
 Attendance is taken every period.
 An absent note must be submitted within 3 days of the absence.
 Absent notes should include: student’s full name, date(s) of absence, reason for absence, parent contact
phone number, and parent signature.
 Notes may be hand written or emailed. TEA requires this regardless of reason for absence.
 If the absence was due to a medical or legal appointment, an official note from the office must be