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January 11, 2021 Newsletter

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter
Monday, Jan. 11th, 2021
Principal’s Message
Is anybody talking about anything else today?
And wasn’t it a sight to see?
Here in Wimberley –just having a few snowflakes is wonderful. But to have enough to build a Snowman is quite a bonus. And thanks for having your children hereby 10 am this morning. A different schedule requires quite a bit of juggling sometimes.We appreciate the help on this late start Monday.
Speaking of Thank You!
Our entire staff was blessed by your overwhelming generosity during the holidays. As tough as 2020 was on us all, you still found a way to give gifts and money to our staff. It’s difficult to convey in this Newsletter the impact your giving had on our staff. Thank you again.
Two good days with more to come!
Our first two days went well here on campus and I hope that’s how they were for those that still remain at home in Synchronous learning. To make sure our days continue to run smooth here on campus we (Mrs. Pharis, Mr. Scharlach and myself) will be meeting with small groups of students throughout this week to discuss expectations for student behavior both in our building, outside our building and on social media. We’ll also discuss keeping each other healthy and safe by following the protocols we have in place. Finally we’ll discuss how important it is to treat every person in this building with respect and kindness.
Grades for the 3rd six weeks have been posted online but make sure you take a look at that Semester 1 average as well. To pass a subject area for the entire year students need to have a grade of at least 70. This grade is the result of combining the Semester 1 & 2 averages to get a final year average at the end of May. If that Semester 1 average your child scored is not what you expect, please contact your child’s teacher and let’s put a plan in place that makes sure Semester 2 looks a lot better. And to those of you that see all A’s for your child’s grades,let’s keep up the good work.
Thanks for taking a look at the Newsletter.
Greg Howard, Principal
In the next few days
Monday, Jan. 11th–Girls Basketballvs.Kerrville Peterson MS–B game at 5, A game after B7th grade HERE; 8th grade at Kerrville
Thursday, Jan. 14th–Boys Basketball vs. Kerrville PetersonMS–B game at 5, A game after B7thgrade HERE; 8th grade at Kerrville Monday, Jan. 18th–NO SCHOOL–MLK Day

More detailed info about other Danforth activities

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