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November 2, 2020

Danforth Jr. High Newsletter
Monday, Nov. 2nd, 2020
Principal’s Message
The second six weeks ends this Friday. Does that sentence send shock waves of worryabout a grade? Or is it no surprise at all because you know there’s not a single missing assignment and all is well on the academic front with your child? Obviously those of us here at school want the same thing you do when it comes to academics. The “success” we are all seeking has various definitions throughout the school year, but at the end of each six weeks we’re reminded one of the measures is an average. So if you haven’t already been doing it, I encourage youto check your child’s grades. They may be wonderful or they may need a last minute check-up. And it’s never too late to start communicating with your child’s teachers to see how that one measure of “success” will ultimately look.
Last week was fun. Red Ribbon Week was a big success as many of our students (and teachers) dressed up and thoroughly enjoyed every day. I know our students are old enough to dress themselves so you might not have had the opportunity to share your thoughts on what they wore to school. But they aren’t too old for all of us who care about them to continue sharing our thoughts on last week’s stay away from the substances that can derail their future.
Thanks for taking a look at the Newsletter.
Greg Howard, Principal
In the next few days
Tuesday, Nov. 3rd. –7th grade Football HOME vs. Boerne Voss; B game at 5 pm, A game after B
Wednesday, Nov. 4th–8thgrade Football at Boerne Voss; B game at 5 pm, A game after B
Friday, Nov. 6th–Early Release –pick up Car Riders at 11:45 am; buses leave Danforth a little after noon
Monday, Nov. 9th–No School –Student and Staff Holiday
Tuesday, Nov. 10th–Regular School Day; beginning of 3rd Six Weeks
More detailed info about other Danforth activities
From Nurse, Jessie Payne If you haven’t met me already I am Jessie Payne the new school Nurse this year at Danforth.This is my first year as a school nurse but my 13th year as an RN with background in Pediatric ER/Trauma,Orthopedics and Labor and Delivery. I am loving the change so far!! It has been a pleasure getting to know these kids so far. I just wanted to let you know how things were going from the Nurses viewpoint. I know this has been such a challenging year for many trying to balance a normal life and with a pandemic as COVID. I am really proud of all of these students and staff for all of their commitment and help in keeping our schools safe and healthy. Most all students wear their face coverings without any push back. I do believe the mask wearing and consistent hand washing is helping us be successful in this battle with COVID. We continue to have very few numbers of illness in our school.

A few friendly reminders:

If any student is out of school for any symptoms such as fever, body aches, cough/congestion, sorethroat, loss of taste/smell they need to contact the school nurse BEFORE returning to school. We need to properly screen to make sure we continue to keep everyone healthy. Please keep your student home if they are ill.

Please continue sending your student with a face covering that can be washed daily or changed out. Many students are coming into school daily forgetting theirs at home and the school is providing one for them.

If your student is past due for any required immunizations or in need of an updated exemption we needtheir records immediately as they will be withdrawn from WISD as of Nov. 1 (per Texas state law-virtualand in person). I have been sending reminders since the beginning of school.

Please contact me if youare concerned that we do not have their record.

If your family/student needs help with food/groceries please feel free to ask about or fig tree program.

It is amazing and they help provide food for our students in need.

If you would like your child to have the option of taking and over the counter medications from theNurse such as Tylenol, Motrin, tums, please fill out a med form and turn it in with parent/guardianapproval.

If your child has and medical issues that they take medications for or see doctors for I would love toknow about it so we can always have a safety plan in place to keep your child healthy.

Please continue to stress importance of handwashing, mask wearing, and distancing as much as possible. They are doing a great job at this so far!!

If you have and questions or concerns please feel free to contact me any time. or 512-847-2181 ext 5206

Best, Jessie Payne, RN

From Yearbook Advisor, Meagan Williamson

Yearbooks are $35 with a free name stamp through December. The price will raise to $40 with $5 name stamps and icons in January. You may pick up an order form in the front office or from Mrs. Williamson in room 109 if you need one. You may also buy a book