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September 14, 2020


Danforth Jr. High Newsletter

Monday, September 14th, 2020

Principal’s Message

I don’t know about you but these cooler mornings coupled with highs that top out in the upper 80s sure feel good. And I don’t know if we can definitively say that Fallweather is here to stay,but we’ll take the rain and cooler weather for as long as we can get it. Something else that would feel nicefor everyone is seeing their child’sgood grades. We’re at the point of the first six weeks where the progress reportgradeswill be posted (this Friday, Sept. 18th) online.

For those of you who keep up with your child’s grades on a daily basis, the average won’t be a surprise. However if you’ve not been following along and you receive a bit of shock, remember we’re only halfway through the first six weeks. This is a good time to communicate with teachers about the reasons for a low grade and how to turn things around before the end of the six weeks. And turning around a low average will feel good for everyone.

Thanks for taking a look at the Newsletter.

Greg Howard, Principal

In the next few days

Monday, Sept. 14th–Volleyball vs. Fredericksburg8thgrade at Fredericksburg –B game at 5; A game follows B game7thgrade at Home –B game at 5; Agame follows B game

Wednesday, Sept. 16th–Wimberley Cross Country MeetMeet begins after School

Thursday, Sept. 17th–Football vs. Fredericksburg8thgrade at Home –B game at 4:30; A game follows B game7thgrade at Fredericksburg –B game at 4:30; A game follows B game

More detailed info about other Danforth activities

From Elizabeth Edelen, History Department Leader, Trip OrganizerAttention 8th Grade Parents!

The trip to Washington, DC and New York City is still on for next year! If visiting many of our nation’s most famous landmarks and making unforgettable memories sounds like something that your child would be interested in, thenjoin us for a virtual meeting this Tuesday at 5:30pm.Email me at elizabeth.edelen@wimberleyisd.netfor the meeting codes if interested.

From Courtney Katzmeyer, Theater and Choir Director

There will be an interest meeting for this year's One Act Play for parents/guardians and students via Zoom onTuesday from 4:30-5:30. Please contact Courtney Katzmeyer for the meeting codes if interested

From Erin Sivils, Danforth Attendance Clerk

Hello parents. I want to make you aware of a new procedure for check-in/check-out of students here in our office.

Sign-out procedure

When parents arrive at the office please state the student's full name and reason for leavingover the intercom.The receptionist will let the parentin the foyer where they will print the student's full name and write their signature on the sign in/out sheet.The receptionist will tell them what number to sign by.The receptionist will place the time out and reason next to the student's name on her sheet in the office.

Note:The receptionist may have you place your ID in the window at the office door if she did not see it clearly when presented at the doorbell.Please be sure to have your ID.TEA requires us to have a reason.

procedure

If the student has a note, they are allowed to come in without a parent. If a student does not have a note, the receptionist will gather the needed information and the parents will print theirsignature on the sign in/out sheet while also writing the student's full name by the appropriate number on the sheet. From Danforth JH PTOPTO is hosting our first teacher and staff luncheon, October 1st. They really look forward to these luncheons and we enjoy providing to show them how much we appreciate all they do, especially now. We typically request parents to provide home cooked items but during these times we would like to minimize contact for ourteachers and staff. Instead we would like to ask for monetary donations so we may provide a boxed lunch from Wimberley Subs and Salads. Please use this link to make contributions: Several methods for donating funds are listed in the link.If you have any questions, please contact                        Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group:

From Heather Baldwin, Director of Child Nutrition

This is a reminder forparents/guardians that the free/reduced application they had on file last year expires and they will need to reapply. The deadline to reapply is Sept. 19th. Please let me know if you have any questions.heather.baldwin@wimberleyisd.netFrom Courtney Kehl, Family Ministry Director, Wimberley United Methodist ChurchWimberleyUMC has created a place for online students who have internet issues or parents who work and can’t be home and don’t want their kidshome alone. We assume there are families who are still trying to figure this out and we want to help. We have space for 10 students grade 4 and up. Ideally these students will be on the synchronous learning plan; that seems to be easiest for us to facilitate. That said, we can handle asynchronous students as well. Our hours are 7:45-3:30. We have screened volunteers and have been given a verbal commitment of a teacher aid from WISD; hopefully that will come to fruition. We plan to provide this service beyond Sept 8 for families who do not intend to send their children to campus. Please feel free to contact me at the church for more info at