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September 7, 2020


Danforth Jr. High NewsletterMonday, September 7th, 2020

Principal’s Message I hope you’ve enjoyed the Labor Day weekend.

Some of you reading this Newsletter aresending your child to our school building tomorrow on Sept. 8th. Thank you. We appreciate youfor trusting us with their safety.

For students returning to our building here are a few reminders

Masks are mandatory

The tardy bell rings at 8:00 am

When arriving at school, students willgo immediatelyto their first period class(unless eating breakfast)

At the endof each day (3:15pm) car riders should be picked up immediately

Bus riders will wait in their last periodclass until called to load the buses (about 3:25 pm)

At lunch students can eat inside or outside the cafeteriawith no more than4 per table

No more than three students at a time will be allowed in the bathroom

Some walkways and hallways are designated as one-way in order to help with social distancing

Bring a water bottle because we are not using our water fountains


To help our students academically and to also limit the spread of germs,we have decided to issuea Chromebook to every student at the Jr. High. This will take place on Tuesday, Sept 8thduring each student’s English class. Those students who already have aschool issued Chromebook will need to bring theirs with them fully charged and ready to use.

Library Books

A few students still need to bring backlibrary books they’ve had since last Spring. For our students who are returning on Tuesday, just drop your book by the library.

Ready, Set, Go!

We are excited and ready to see students return to our classroomsbut this will be a challenge for our teachers. I know they’re up to the task because you and I have both seen them doing pretty amazing things since we started back on August 19th. But now we’re throwing them another curve as they continue to juggle all the technology for our virtual learners and manage a class with students in desks. Thank you for your patience as our teachers find the right balance of working with students in the classroom and those at home.

Greg Howard, Principal

In the next few days

Thursday, Sept. 10thVolleyball vs. Voss; 8thgrade at home, 7thgrade at Voss, parents must purchase tickets online to attendFootball atLampasas;parents must purchase tickets online to attend


More detailed info about other Danforth activities

From Heather Baldwin, Director of Child NutritionThis is a reminder forparents/guardians that the free/reduced application they had on file last year expires and they will need to reapply. This deadline to reapply is Sept. 19th. Please let me know if you have anyquestions.

From Courtney Kehl, Family Ministry Director, Wimberley United Methodist Church

WimberleyUMC has created a place for online students whohave internet issues or parents who work and can’t be home and don’t want their kids home alone. We assume there are families who are still trying to figure this out and we want to help. We have space for 10 students grade 4 and up. Ideally these studentswill be on the synchronous learning plan; that seems to be easiest for us to facilitate. That said, we can handle asynchronous students as well. Our hours are 7:45-3:30. We have screened volunteers and have been given a verbal commitment of a teacher aid from WISD; hopefully that will come to fruition. We plan to provide this service beyond Sept 8 for families who do not intend to send their children to campus. Please feel free to me at the church for more info.

From Lori Pharis, Counselor

Make sure your child has joined our Whole School Google Classroom. Right now there are three videos on there that will help students understand the first day of school on Tuesday.

Students should join the all school Google Classroom

Danforth Junior High 2020-21

The Whole School!

Joincode:x5u5hmeMake sure you've joined our Whole School Google Classroom for information & updates.Right now there are 3 videos under "Classwork" labeled "Principal's Message" to help prepare you for Tuesday.

Join link:

From Wimberley Jr. FFA, Jason Giesen

If you are interested in joining Wimberley Jr. FFA this year, please fill out out form using this link: