Blue Hole Primary School Parent Engagement Plan

  • The goal of the Blue Hole Primary Parent Engagement Plan is to maintain high levels of family involvement and positive family attitudes toward education.  We work diligently to build positive relationships to support student learning and achievement.


    Family - Adults responsible for the child’s care and children in the child’s life who support the early learning and development of the child.

    Family Engagement - The mutual responsibility of families, schools and communities to build relationships to support student learning and achievement and to support family well-being and the continuous learning and development of children, families and educators.  Family engagement is fully integrated in the child’s educational experience and supports the whole child and is both culturally responsive and linguistically appropriate.

    Plan Component

    Activity/Event/Practice Details and Timing

    Blue Hole Primary will Facilitate family to family support.

    • School-Wide Family Events
      • Meet the Teacher
      • Grandparents Tea
      • Bike Rodeo
      • ESL Night
      • Family Math Night
      • Halloween Costume Parade
      • Turkey Trot & Spring a thon
      • Class Parties(Christmas, Valentine’s, End of Year)
      • Family Science Fair Night
      • Family Literacy Night
      • Egg Hunt
      • Field Day
    • Coffee with the Principal Events
    • Campus PTO meetings
    • Teacher & Administration Weekly Newsletters

    Blue Hole Primary will establish a network of community resources.

    Campus Counselors have a list of Community Resources for Students and Families.   Please contact Tiffany Galley 512-847-3407 or for assistance.

    • Barnabas-Back to School Fiesta (provides school supplies to students)
    • Texan Roots Curriculum & Service Opportunities 

    Blue Hole Primary will increase family participation in decision making.

    • District Committees
    • Campus Committees
    • PTO
    • Parent Survey to find out where support is needed
    • Intake questionnaire about each Child

    Blue Hole Primary will equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning.

    • At-Home resources will be provided to families by teachers to support student learning at home
    • Support guided by parent survey
    • Teachers will provide families with technology applications to support student learning
    • Weekly campus newsletters
    • Parent/teacher conferences
    • CLI Engage Family Activities (English & Spanish) (Children’s Learning Institute)

    Blue Hole Primary will provide ongoing professional development opportunities for educators.

    • Region 13 Service Center
    • CLI Engage
    • District Provided Professional Development
    • MAPS 
    • TEKS Resource 
    • Reading Academy 
    • Sheltered Instruction

    Blue Hole Primary will evaluate family engagement efforts and use results for continuous improvement.

    The pre-k program will utilize the Texas Education Agency High-Quality Pre-K Program Self-Assessment to evaluate programs and practices annually

    • Parent End of Year Survey

    All written and verbal communication provided to Blue Hole Primary parents will be available in English and Spanish.  Parent input will be collected from surveys, verbal feedback and from Campus Improvement Committee recommendations.  (This committee is made up of parents, teachers and community members).  Parent meeting agendas will include opportunities for parents to become familiar with school age appropriate academic and social expectations.  The program will ensure that the school is responsive to the needs of families and use appropriate tools to ensure program goals are met.

    Parents are welcomed as volunteers and or visitors in the school.  Blue Hole primary will provide a welcoming, safe, and respectful environment for all students, parents and community members.  Blue Hole Primary staff have been trained using the Zones of Regulation and TEXAN Roots Curriculum. This model provides a foundation for staff and parents to work together to help children develop their social/emotional skills.

    Transition Activities:

    School visits are coordinated with parents and other schools in Wimberley to help with a smooth transition into Blue Hole Primary and Jacob’s Well Elementary.  We hold parent registration events in the spring and summer and advertise on the district website.

    Linguistic & Culturally Inclusive Practices:

    We value parent engagement at Blue Hole Primary and view it as a key to improve teaching and learning.  Ongoing program evaluation will ensure continuous program improvements.


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