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Registered Nurse Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Ms. Darelle Jordan, R.N., Director of Health Services

WISD Health Services staff endeavor to prevent, identify, minimize and eliminate health-related barriers to learning for the WISD learning community. We achieve these goals by advocating for WISD community members with health issues, daily office hours on each campus where students may seek assistance and providing health information and resources to students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community. Importantly, WISD Health Services maintains a collaborative relationship with the Hays County Health Department, Wimberley Emergency  Services, Hays County Sheriff Office, and other community offices and organizations. Additionally, the District Team of Nurses facilitate access to health care and insurance resources. Rounding out our work is the support of District wellness activities and reaching out to and connecting families in need with community and social services.

Measles in Texas Notification

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    Reported Measles Cases
    The Texas Department of State Health Services and Hays County Local Health Department have reported six cases of measles in Texas. The cases reported are scattered in Bell, Harris, Galveston and Montgomery counties. There are no reported cases in Hays County. 

    Vaccination Information
    In response to the current news reports, the school nurses will reach out to families of children without record of receiving the measles vaccine and provide information about how and where to access immunization services. The measles vaccine is more than 90% effective in providing immunity to the current strain of measles identified in Texas. Vaccination remains the single most effective recommendation to prevent illness caused by measles infection. After vaccination, frequent and effective handwashing is the best prevention for many communicable diseases including colds, flu and measles.

    Contact Us
    Contact your campus nursing staff ,Katy Shugart at JWE, Chelsea Kelly at Danforth and Caroline Jarchow at Scudder as your best resources for current health information about your child's campus.

    Visit the Texas Department of Health Services for the most recent updates. 

    For frequently asked questions about measles, visit the CDC website. 


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