Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Science, University of Texas Master of Applied Geography, Texas State University

Mr. Robert Landauer

Robert Landauer currently teaches Pre-AP Algebra II and both AB and BC Calculus. Previously, he's had jobs teaching Physics and Precalculus.

  • Of the thousand-quadrillion-vigintillion atoms in the known universe, we humans are composed of many of the rarest and most complex. Further, we are among a smaller group of atoms known to be alive, and greater still, we're members of the elite class of atoms known to possess higher intelligence. If the universe were a living thing, we would be the brain. We are a means for the cosmos to understand itself.

    Our species is a progressive one. Humans are the only species capable of storing information outside of our own bodies. The advanced capabilites we have are a result of our ancestors making new discoveries and writing them down. Those of us alive today won't have the honor of being the first humans to venture forward into the stars, but we can be the people that make those fantastical lives possible.

    As intelligent beings, it's our highest calling to learn, discover, and record our newfound knowledge. Doing so will give future generations a greater starting point, making it possible to accomplish the currently imaginable.