• Xanax-laced candy

    Dangerous heart candy laced with Xanax is showiing
    up at schools and posing a risk to students.


    Good afternoon Wimberley ISD families.

    We appreciate the continued partnership between you and the Wimberley ISD team in our efforts to promote excellence all the way to the conclusion of the 18-19 school year. To this end, we remain vigilant to make sure that your students have access to all the resources and support they need to succeed, while also keeping them safe.

    It is unfortunate that a trend has arisen in schools that can be dangerous to students—sweetheart candy laced with Xanax. It looks harmless and even inviting to students, which makes it even more of a risk that a child of any age could take it without realizing that it is laced with a strong medication.

    Younger Children
    For parents of younger children, we continue to recommend that we remind them that they should not accept or eat any candy that they find or is given them until it is checked by a parent, grandparent or adult guardian. 

    Older Children
    For parents of older students, remind them that there is zero-tolerance for bringing these drugs on Wimberley ISD property and anyone caught with this laced candy will be reported to the school resource officers, and the District, in cooperation with law enforcement will investigate the incident, and the student could face expulsion. 

    Report It Immediately
    Equally as important, if you or your student have come across these laced candies or know of anyone who is selling them, report it immediately to the campus principal, the superintendent, the school resource officer or anonymously on P3 Campus

    Small Towns Impacted Too
    Sadly, Wimberley High School discovered a student selling these laced hearts and we acted immediately to remove the student from the campus and are continuing to investigate the incident.  

    For more information on this dangerous trend, and ways to make sure it does not impact the Wimberley Valley community, please take a moment to watch this ABC13 news story. 


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