• Wimberley Independent School District (WISD) accepts applications for substitutes from July until February of each year. We offer a monthly orientation for incoming substitute teachers with the last orientation held in March.

    Rate of Pay:

    Degreed/Certified Teachers - $95/Day

    Degreed applicants and Certified Teachers receive a Daily Rate of $95/day.  The requirement to receive the degreed rate of pay is to provide the District with a copy of an official transcript indicating the core subject matter in which the degree is awarded. Only applicants with a four-year degree qualify for this rate of pay. 

    Non-Degreed - $75/Day

    Non-Degreed applicants will receive $75/Day. The District welcomes non-degreed applicants. Often when an applicant is applying to be a substitute, they are considering education as a career and what a great way to make this determination.

    Long-term Substitute (Additonal $15.00/Day)

    A Long-term Substitute will be receive an additional $15.00/day, after substituting the in the same assignment for 21 days consecutively.  Upon the 21st day, the Substitute will be begin to receive $15.00 extra per day.  Typically, this requires that the Substitute is in charge of lesson planning, etc.  The Skyward payroll system caculates this increase based on the consecutive days.

    Apply to be a WISD Substitute Teacher

    For your convenience, click the WISD Online Application to seek an opportunity to substitute at any of our campuses.