BOARD GOALS 2018-2019

  • VISION STATEMENT - Empowering and Inspiring ALL Students to Achieve their FULL Potential

    MISSION STATEMENT - WISD is dedicated to excellence in education, fosters a culture of kindness and respect, creates life-long learners, and empowers students to make a positive impact in their community.   

    District Goal – Achieve Excellence in Education

    Board Goal 1 - Create measurable academic improvement with focus in the following areas:

    • Reduce the achievement gap for low socioeconomic and ELL students.
    • Improve writing outcomes at all grade levels by enhancing and diversifying writing curriculum and providing additional opportunities for professional development that will allow our teachers to learn new strategies. Improve writing scores by 5% above state average, as recommended by district administration.
    • Ensure opportunities for technical writing, research papers, and development of advanced writing skills at the high school level in core subject areas.
    • Make strategic investments to improve science outcomes at all grade levels, including providing increased opportunities and rewards for “hands-on” science learning.

    Board Goal 2 - Implement fiscal and facility management that is proactive, transparent and exceptional.

    • Continue to update and analyze district facilities plan and make regular reports to the board on progress toward meeting those needs.
    • Develop and implement a collaborative, strategic budgeting process that addresses current and future needs.

    District Goal – Foster a Culture of Kindness and Respect

    Board Goal 3 - Fully implement an anti-bullying/anti-discrimination curriculum or other similar age appropriate initiatives at all campuses. Provide information on how these activities are enhancing our campuses by cultivating a culture of kindness and respect and decreasing incidences of bullying and discrimination.

    • Maintain a program for anonymous reporting and tracking incidences of bullying and discrimination on our junior and senior high campuses and promote student/faculty reporting of such incidences. Submit annual report to track progress.
    • Designate personnel at our elementary campuses to engage students and parents to report such incidents.

    District Goal – Create Life-Long Learners

    Board Goal 4 - Continue to develop and enhance our CTE program that provides graduates with:

    • Post-secondary credits towards a degree;
    • Substantial industry certifications;
    • Vocational specific skills, proficiency, practical experience, and job training.

    District Goal – Make a Positive Community Impact

    Board Goal 5 - Develop and implement opportunities in the community for student engagement from all campuses that encourages leadership, community service, relationship building, and opportunities for student career and college preparation. 

    District Goal – Student Safety & Well Being

    Board Goal 6 - Ensure that all of our campuses are compliant with Texas State University- Texas School Safety Center standards. Hire outside professionals to perform annual district security audit to ensure that all of our facilities and procedures meet these standards and are as safe as possible.