SMART tag System

  • The Wimberley ISD Transportation Department is launching the SMART tag system in all of our buses. This system helps increase safety and security for students riding on a school bus, leveraging technology to improve student management and communications on school buses. SMART tag monitors student loading and unloading, providing real-time information to the Transportation Department, and you, the parent. The SMART tag system will help WISD:

    • Increase driver, school, and parent awareness
    • Ensure riders load on the right bus and unload at the right stop
    • Maximize rider safety and security
    • Enable drivers to efficiently and effectively perform their duties

    As students become more comfortable swiping on and off the bus, more features of the SMART tag system will be rolled out to our parents.

    How it Works

    Student ID Cards: Students are issued a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) SMART tag ID. RFID technology is a newer technology that is replacing bar codes in many industries such as medical, libraries (book tracking), and even amusement park access (ex. Disney's MagicBands). The students ID cards communicate with the driver tablets. NO STUDENT INFO IS STORED ON THE TAG. Students will need to swipe on and swipe off the bus.

    Bus Tablets: SMART tag school buses are equipped with a tablet computer and RFID reader. When loading and unloading a bus, riders present their ID onto the reader. The tablet will display if the rider is boarding the correct bus, and if they are getting off at their correct stop.

    Transportation Admin Staff: When bus activity begins, rider info is immediately available for the transportation administrators, so they can oversee all school bus activity.

    Parent App: An online Parent Portal may be accessed at On your iOS or Android device you can save as a web app to your home screen for easy access. The portal allows parents the following:

    • Receive emails or text messages when your child is approximately 10-15 minutes from their stop with SMART Alerts.
    • View a map showing the bus location as their child is being transported with SMART Locate.
    • Update authorized guardians.


    Informational Pieces for Parents


Parent How-To Videos

  • What is SMART tag Intro Video

    Creating a Parent Portal Account

    Creating a 2nd Parent Portal Account

    Setup Cell Phone for Notifications