WISD Contact Tracing Protocols

  • In the event of a reported positive COVID-19 case affecting an individual on one of our campuses the response team members (school nurse, principal, and safety director) will be notified. The Superintendent will assist the team. (All campus nurses and the athletic trainer are all certified contact tracers.) At that point the following steps are taken:

      1. Campus nurse and principal meet to map out the movements and mitigation factors for the classroom/group that the COVID-19 positive individual interacted with. They may consult with the classroom teacher, extra-curricular leader, coach, etc. During these consultations personal identifying information is not shared unless necessary for public health. (The safety director may join this consultation if needed.)
      2. If the student is in class, the nurse will bring them to the clinic for isolation and the principal notifies the custodial staff to clean the space(s). After school hours the nurse communicates with the parent to ensure the student stays home and the principal arranges cleaning of applicable spaces before the start of the next school day.
      3. Once the nurse and the principal have determined the class seating chart, mitigation measures used in the classroom, movement around the building including lunch, PE, activities, bus usage etc. the Hays County epidemiologist is contacted.
      4. The county epidemiologist interviews the campus nurse and helps to determine who is a “close contact” and requires quarantine, or increased monitoring, etc.
      5. The principal and nurse notify the superintendent and safety director (if they were not at the tracing meeting) of the measures recommended by the epidemiologist and put them in place.
      6. The parents of the individual(s) who are deemed to have been in “close contact” and require quarantine are contacted by the campus nurse, preferably by phone, to ask them to come get their student or keep their student home. The campus nurse informs them of the back to school protocol and sets up a return date plan, in addition to offering support services and resources.
      7. The District Nurse notifies the District Communications Officer to update the COVID-19 status notification system at each campus and on the campus website(s). 
      8. The campus nurse follows up with families to insure the student is progressing and to offer health support and information.
      9. Once the student meets the re-entry protocol (page 14 WISD Returning to School Handbook on WISD website) the student checks back into class via the nurse’s office. 
      10. The campus nurse files the appropriate weekly report with the Texas Department of Health Services/Texas Education Agency. TEA recently released their required reporting instrument, which the nurses will submit weekly.

    The above is similar for staff and faculty except the responding team includes: District Nurse, campus principal or Service Director, Safety Director, and Human Resources Director.

    Each nurse and the HR Director keeps a spreadsheet of who is responsible for tracing and/or supporting. When the student or employee returns safely to school the information is eliminated per TEA guidance.