Return to School FAQs

  • Instructional Delivery

    Can I switch my instructional delivery method choice (either from at-home to on-campus or vice versa) once the school year starts?
    Yes, WISD will be flexible with families during the first grading period (6-weeks for secondary, 9-weeks for elementary). To make a switch, please communicate with your campus principal. Following the first grading period we understand there still might be interest in switching the delivery method because of extenuating circumstances. If that’s the case please visit with your campus principal about making a change. WISD’s goal is to provide the best educational experience for our students and to assist our parents and guardians in this unprecedented time. We will strive to meet our students where they are and help them achieve academic excellence.

    I have chosen the synchronous option, does my child have to be online prior to the actual time the tardy bell rings on campus in order to be counted present?
    Yes. We understand there might be Internet connectivity issues for some in our community, but the synchronous option is intended to be live and in conjunction with the real-time classroom version of the class.

    My student is signed-up for at-home learning, but we have poor cell/Internet service at our house, is there a location my student can go for more reliable online access?
    WISD is planning for several community locations where students can safely learn, while being supervised by an aide, including approximately 50 seats at the Scudder campus that have access to wireless high-speed Intenet. If you live in an area with limited cell or Internet service please contact your campus administrators for more information.

    My student has been signed up for asynchronous learning, can they login to the synchronous lessons as they happen?
    Yes, asynchronous students will have required daily obligations (just like on-campus and synchronous students). If they are able to view the synchronous lessons as they are happening and do not present themselves as a distraction to the lessons, they are welcome to join when available.

    My child is a special education student, what are my options in choosing an at-home method for my child?
    Special education students will require an ARD meeting with district staff to determine the options best suited for their specific needs.

    I’ve heard the former Scudder Primary building will be used as a testing center for at-home learners, is that for everybody, even elementary-aged students?
    No. It is correct that some testing will occur in classrooms at Scudder, but it will only be for courses that count toward the final GPA and/or class rank at the high school level.

    Can’t I just withdraw my student and use the Texas Education Agency’s At-Home Learning curriculum?
    No, the Texas Home Learning 3.0 curriculum is only open for those students who are enrolled in public school. The instruction methods offered by WISD are more robust, interactive, and engaging than TEA’s online options.

    I have a unique issue regarding technology devices or Internet issues, who can I contact?
    For all Internet or device-related issues that you haven't seen an answer to, please contact your child's campus administrators.

    As a parent, what do I need to do to prepare for my child's learning this year?
    Familiarize yourself with the parent resources that are available regarding all students' use of Google Classroom. For face-to-face learning: Encourage your child to have their things in their backpack ready for school the night before. For WISD School@Home: Create a designated place in your home for your student to use as their remote classroom.

    As a parent, what are the expectations for me during this school year?
    Parents will be asked to do the following:

    • Parents are encouraged to talk with their child about the health benefits of wearing a mask at school.
    • Students and staff will be provided with a reusable face covering. Families will be responsible for daily cleaning and requested to supply a student face covering should the one provided by the school become unusable or lost
    • Parents are expected to provide their own PPE for their child.
    • Parents are encouraged to talk with their child about the health benefits of social distancing at school, as well as the health benefits of washing their hands, and/or using hand sanitizer.
    • Parents are asked to talk to their students about COVID-19 symptoms and prevention strategies.
    • Access Parent Portal (grades 3-12) to view student grades.
    • Check in with student(s) to monitor completion of homework and assignments.
    • Discuss your child’s favorite part of their day and what they learned in school.
    • Facilitate academic support and encouragement as a learning partner to motivate and guide your child throughout the school year in your role as a learning coach.
    • Provide your child with assistance on their day-to-day activities with the exception of designated independent work.
    • Consider creating a designated learning/study space for your child at home to learn comfortably.
    • Maintain communication with your child’s teacher by phone, email and/or online meetings to create a learning partnership.
    • Monitor and ask for evidence that your child is on track with assignments and coursework.
    • Allow your child to attend intervention/tutorial sessions as needed.
    • Assist in supporting your child’s needs by establishing and managing the daily schedule communicated by the teacher.
    • Help your child own their learning. Provide support and encouragement and expect your children to do their part.


    Health & Safety

    Will my student be required to wear a face covering during class?
    To comply with Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order GA-29, WISD will require the use of face coverings (disposable masks, cloth face coverings, face shields) for all students, staff, and visitors 10 years of age or older. Also per the governor’s order, any person with a medical condition or disability that prevents them from wearing a face covering will be exempt from this rule.

    How do I submit my child’s exemption to the face covering order?
    Please obtain a note from your child’s physician with the specific reason your child is unable to wear a face covering. This information will be shared with your campus nurse and proper precautions will be made (ex. plexiglass desk shields, face shield, etc.) to ensure the health and safety of your child and those near them.

    For those students with medical exceptions to wearing a face covering, WISD will send a letter to parents/guardians requesting that the student does wear a face covering for the short periods of time they are in common areas with multiple students (between classes, entry/exit of the building, entry/exit of cafeteria, etc.) This letter will request, but not require.

    How do I "screen" my child each day prior to school?

    • Take Temperature Daily
    • Ask the following questions:
      • Have you had close contact with someone who is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19 in the last 14 days? (close contact-being directly exposed to infectious secretions (e.g., being coughed on while not wearing a mask or face shield); or being within 6 feet for a cumulative duration of 15 minutes, while not wearing a mask or face shield)
      • Have you had any signs or symptoms of a fever in the past 24 hours such as chills, sweats, felt "feverish", or had a temperature that is elevated for you/100.0F or greater?
      • Do you have any of the following symptoms?
        • Cough/Shortness of Breath, Chest Tightness, Sore Throat/Nasal Congestion/Runny Nose/Myalgia (Body Aches) Loss of Taste and/or Smell/ Diarrhea/ Nausea/ Vomiting/ Fever/Chills/Sweats
      • Have you traveled internationally or have been on a cruise in the last 14 days?

    What is the plan to “social distance” students on our campuses?
    Every possible effort will be made in the spaces we have to ensure students maintain distances away from each other. Strategies that include smaller groups of students, face coverings, desk shields, outdoor learning, outdoor eating, no assemblies, additional cafeteria monitors and more will help us to maintain distance wherever possible.

    If my student has to miss school with an illness other than COVID-19, will they need to wait through the required quarantine period?
    No, provided your student has a doctor’s note that explains the absence and allows for a return to school.

    Can my child receive free and reduced meals if they are receiving instruction at-home (synchronous or asynchronous)?
    At this time, yes. WISD currently has a waiver through the Texas Department of Agriculture that allows us to distribute meals curbside to families that are receiving instruction at home. If this waiver changes or is not renewed, information will be shared with all of our free/reduced families. Location and schedule of distribution of free and reduced meals will be shared at a later date.

    How will arrival to school be handled for our students?
    When possible, separate entrances will be utilized for car riders, bus riders, walkers and daycares. All staff will be utilized for duty to maintain a line of sight in hallways and distancing of hallway cohorts. Students will go straight to the designated areas set by each campus. Arrangements will be made to provide for safe escort to class by school personnel for very young or special needs children.

    How will dismissal be handled at the schools?
    Campus will designate staggered dismissal groups. Staggering the groups of walkers, car riders, bus riders or grade level will help manage student movement in the building and decrease the risk of potential crowding outside at dismissal time. Sanitizer stations will be placed at each exit and students will be encouraged to sanitize hands prior to exit. Sibling connections at Elementary campuses will be done outside the building. Separate exits will be utilized for car riders, bus riders, walkers and daycares. Parents picking up students during the day will call ahead so that students can be sent or accompanied to parent vehicles upon arrival.

    What procedures will be followed on the buses?
    Bus routes will run at regular capacity. Although the district is implementing the safety protocols and disinfecting efforts described below, families are encouraged to drop students off or walk with their students to school to reduce possible exposure on buses. We are requiring all of our drivers and students 10 and older to wear masks while on the school bus. Parents need to notify WISD Transportation if their child has a medical waiver for mask usage. See more in WISD’s Return to School Plan.


    Extracurricular Activites

    Will extracurricular activities be offered? Does my child have to be enrolled in the on-campus method in order to participate?
    All students (including those that have chosen either of WISD’s at-home learning options) will be able to participate in extracurricular activities. This will include participation during the dedicated period of the school day for their UIL event. An explanation of protocols can be found online in the Addendum to the Return to School Procedures.