• Updated Procedures Due to COVID-19

    We are excited to have the opportunity to work face-to-face with students this summer! We will be resuming Special Education evaluations this summer as well as hosting limited summer instructional activities for students with special needs.

    Please know that your child's health and safety is paramount. We are taking disinfecting and protective equipment preparations seriously by following the CDC and Texas Education Agency guidelines and recommendations for face-to-face interactions with students. 

     Summer 2020 Evaluation Procedures (click to view)

    • In order to limit the number of people in our buildings, we are asking that parents please wait in their vehicle during the evaluation rather than in WISD buildings. (Some exceptions may be made for students who are under age 5 or whose parents may need to be present for assessment purposes.)   Alternatively, parents can drop their student off with staff and return at a time suggested by the evaluator.   Parents who choose to leave and return MUST leave a contact number with the evaluator. 
    • Please call the Special Services office (512-847-7567) when you arrive at the testing location.  The Special Services office will then notify the evaluator that you have arrived and the evaluator will walk outside to meet you and your child.
    • Parents will be required to complete a Supplemental Health Questionnaire prior to their student being allowed to enter for evaluation.  Further, parents will be asked to sign a Supplemental Acknowledgement for their student in order to provide confirmation of the potential risks involved in participating in a face-to-face evaluation at this time. 
    • All students will have their temperature taken prior to entering the WISD building. Anyone with a temperature over 99.6°F or a cough will need to reschedule.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available for use upon entry into the WISD building as well as in every room where students are being evaluated.
    • Be sure to send your student with a small snack and a drink.  
    • Parents entering a WISD building are requested to wear a mask.  Masks will be optional for students during evaluation.  Disposable paper masks will be available for parents and students in the evaluation rooms.  All evaluators will wear a mask or clear face shield throughout the evaluation process. 
    • Face-to-face testing will be completed according to standardized assessment procedures with there being one student present with one or more WISD staff present and administering the assessment depending upon the evaluation instrument being used.
    • Prior to a student entering the testing room, the work area will be disinfected.  After a student completes testing and exits the testing room, the room and testing materials will be disinfected before another student can enter the room.
    • Any parent who is not comfortable with any of the above guidelines has the option to advise the Special Services Department staff that they would prefer to postpone their student’s evaluation for Special Education or Section 504 until after school begins in August 2020.

    Summer 2020 Instruction Services Procedures (COMING SOON!)