Notice of Access and Destruction of Records

  • The WISD Special Services department observes federal and state laws, state regulations and local policies pertaining to the confidentiality of student records. Parents (or an eligible student 18 years or older) may inspect and review records at any time. School officials with a legitimate educational interest have access to student records. If the student transfers to another school district, special education or Section 504 records will be sent to the receiving district without parental consent.

    Special education and Section 504 eligibility and educational records are maintained for five (5) years following the date of the cessation of services (graduation or dismissal from services) for each student served by the Special Services Department.  At the end of five years, the records may be destroyed.  

    Records are located at the Special Services Office located at 951 FM 2325, Wimberley, TX 78676.  You may call (512) 847-7567 if you have any questions concerning you/your students Special Education or Section 504 Records.



    To Parents and Former Students:  Notice is hereby given to all students (or parents of students) with disabilities who received special education and 504 services in Wimberley ISD.  The inactive files from August 2013 to May of 2014 WILL BE DESTROYED.  These records are no longer needed to provide educational services to you (or your child).  These records may be needed by you (or your child) for social security benefits or other purposes.  Destruction of records will occur on June 21, 2022. You must notify the special education department on or before June 14, 2022 if you want a copy of your records.  You may contact Lauri Grisham, Director of Special Education and 504 Services, at 512-847-7567 to request copies.

     This is in compliance with federal regulations 34 CFR 300.573.




     Aviso a Padres de Familia y Previos Alumnos:   Por el presente anuncio se notifica a todos los alumnos (o a padres de alumnos) con incapacidades que recibieron servicios especiales de educación del Wimberley ISD.  Los archivos inactivos de agosto 2013 a mayo 2014 SERÁN DESTRUIDOS. Estos registros ya no son necesarios para proporcionarle a usted los servicios educativos (o su niño/a). Estos registros podrían ser necesarios para usted (o su niño/a) como beneficio de seguridad social u otros propósitos.  La destrucción de registros se llevará a cabo el 21 de junio de 2022.  Es su deber notificar al departamento de educación especial en/o antes del 14 de junio de 2022 si usted quiere obtener una copia de sus registros.  Favor de contactar al Sra. Lauri Grisham, Director de Servicios Especiales, al 512-847-7567 para solicitar sus copias. 


    Esto cumple con las regulaciones federales 34 CFR 300.573.