Bus Rules & Procedures

  • The Wimberley ISD Transportation Department is committed to providing safe, reliable and on-time transportation for your student. To achieve this mission, the District bus driver/monitor supervises all WISD bus riders and is responsible for the vehicle and enforcement all rules and procedures for a safe transport. WISD student bus riders must comply with these WISD rules and procedures for their safety and that of all the other passengers and drivers/monitors, or risk temporary or permanent loss of bus transportation privileges. 

    Bus Rules apply to all students that are transported by a district vehicle. This includes students who ride to or from school, field trips, extracurricular trips or any school-sponsored event.

    Students are required to wear their Smart tag ID on a lanyard around their neck while boarding, exiting, and on the bus. 

    Arrive at the bus stop early, at least 7-10 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. It is not the driver’s responsibility to honk or wait if you are late. Never run after the bus.

    Students will be picked up and dropped off at their designated bus stops only. Drivers do not assign bus stops. The Routing Office is responsible for assigning bus stops.

    Wait for the bus in a safe place, at least 10 ft. from the roadway, in a single file line. Do not move towards the bus until the bus has come to a complete stop. Standing too close to the road can be dangerous.

    If you must cross the road…once the bus has come to a complete stop, wait for the driver to signal that it is safe to cross. Cross 10 ft in front of the bus. Look both ways before crossing the road. Do not trust the traffic to stop for the bus. Stop if the driver honks while you are crossing in front of the bus. Never cross behind the bus.

    Sit in your assigned seat as soon as possible. The bus cannot move until all students are seated. 

    Stay seated correctly and facing forwards at all times. Your backpack should be kept in your lap and not in the aisle, or blocking an exit.

    Keep hands, arms and head inside of the bus at all times.

    Water is allowed. Other food and drinks are not permitted due to allergic reactions and choking risks. 

    Listen to the bus driver and follow their directions. The driver will assign seats at their discretion and may change those assignments throughout the year. Students are required to sit in their assigned seats at all times. Normal conversation is permitted. Any loud noise that may distract the driver and create an unsafe condition is prohibited.

    Enter and leave the bus carefully using the handrail. Please use caution as any dangling object from a backpack or jacket could be hazardous.

    Students are not allowed to use pens, pencils, or any other sharp objects on the bus. These objects can become projectiles in the event of a crash, not only causing injuries but damage to school bus seats and equipment.

    All students riding a school bus that is equipped with seat belts will be required to wear them at all times.The bus driver/monitor will instruct each student on the proper use of the seatbelt, proper routine and emergency loading and unloading. Students who refuse to wear a seatbelt, will be subject to disciplinary measures by the campus administrator.

    Cell phones and electronic devices are allowed for personal entertainment purposes only. Phone calls and video chats are not allowed. Headphones are required if using an electronic device. Sharing a cell phone or headphones and taking photos or videos is not permitted. If a student cannot handle the responsibility of using their device correctly, it will result in a referral to their campus. A student may also be told at the discretion of the driver to keep their device stored away.

    Students enrolled in band are allowed to transport their instrument with them on the bus, but must be prepared to keep it in their lap. Instruments must be in the same seat as the student, and they may not block the aisle or exits. Students with larger instruments are often assigned to sit in the front of the bus to make loading and unloading times more efficient. Students are solely responsible for their instrument and any damages it may incur. It should never be taken out of the case while on the bus

    Pre-k through 2nd grade students who have an older sibling on the bus, will be allowed to exit the bus with his/her older sibling at the designated bus stop. Pre-k through 2nd grade students who do not have an older sibling on the bus must have a parent/guardian or authorized person to receive them from the bus driver, at their designated bus stop. Please log onto the SMART TAG PARENT PORTAL and list all authorized persons who are able to receive your Pre-k through 2nd grade student from the bus. Emergency contacts listed in Skyward Family Portal as ALLOWED PICK UP are considered as authorized to receive your student from the bus. Authorized persons must present a photo ID when requested by the bus driver

    You may also print this release form and give it to your bus driver.

    The school bus is an extension of the classroom.  All school board policies that apply to student conduct and other student-related activities apply to the school bus. Steps and consequences for improper conduct on the school bus include the following: 

    1. Verbal Warning: The school bus driver/monitor will verbally warn the student of his/her misconduct or violation of the bus rules. This will give the student a chance to correct his/her behavior. The bus driver/monitor may also change the student's seat assignment if necessary 
    2. Conduct Report: If a verbal warning has been issued and the student continues to violate the bus rules, a conduct report is written and sent to the students campus. The campus principal or his/her designee will meet with the student and a report will be sent home.
      1. CONDUCT REPORT #1: Consequence determined by campus principal
      2. CONDUCT REPORT #2: Consequence determined by campus principal
      3. CONDUCT REPORT #3: Three (3) days removal/suspension from transportation services 
      4. CONDUCT REPORT #4: Five (5) days removal/suspension from transportation services
      5. CONDUCT REPORT #5: One (1) month removal/suspension from transportation services
      6. CONDUCT REPORT #6: Removal/suspension from transportation services for the remainder of the year 

    The Campus Principal has the authority to take these steps out of sequence for serious violations and to repeat them if the misconduct is a serious safety violation. Infraction of any bus rules that could endanger the health and safety of students, will result in the immediate removal of the student’s bus riding privilege for the remainder of the school year. Students are subject to removal from the bus if they refuse to follow the directions of the school bus driver.